What type of sessions do you shoot?
I can shoot pretty much whatever you are interested in: weddings, seniors, kids, reunions, parties, pets and more. Check out images on my Facebook page for inspiration as to what I have shot in the past.

How much do you charge for a photo session?
I take pride in being affordable. Unlike with pro audio & DJ'n, a price sheet is a bit more difficult. I try to set up each event specific to your needs. Although this list is not 100% of the services I can provide, here are a few common ways I might price:

  • You want a few professionally photos taken of a teen or adult for photos to be used for social networking and just a few prints. This would also include engagement photos, senior photos, etc. Budget for $250-350 for the session, and then pay for prints that are shipped directly to you. This is typically 1-3 hours tops.

  • Family portraits (multiple people, poses, families, etc). Budget $250-350 for the session.

  • Newborn & grow-with-me photos. Budget for $400. New born photos are very time sensitive. Photos are best taken in the first 3-5 days after coming home from the hospital. Also included in this package is a 6-month and 1-year mini-session.

  • Weddings. Budget $800-1500 for the session. There are lots of ways to capture every detail, to just key moments to fit your budget.

What is your policy with printing?
Currently I digitally deliver all photos using a service called PASS. You will have access to the files for 30-days, during which you can order prints or download, or share on your favorite networking site. I use PASS because of the relationship with a high-end professional lab. I do not encourage my work to be printed at a 1-hour location--ever. If you want inexpensive prints, please use - this is a consumer's way to access a professional lab. I also have very good prices on canvas & other memorable print items.

What is your policy with posting to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and so forth?
Share, share and share again! All I ask is that you remember that it is my work that you are sharing, and I would ask that you write "Photo by Ian Belanger,". Please do not crop or edit any of my photographs.